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YouTube to launch premium service

YouTube, the web’s largest repository of user-submitted videos, is now looking at a possible partnership with private enterprises and TV studios to provide a paid subscription service to its users. A marked deviation from its usual free method of video sharing, this model gives people a chance to subscribe to premium video channels by paying a monthly fee. A report by advertising news site AdAge has stated that the website is already working on the platform with a group of producers.

The paid platform is expected to go on a limited trial run during the later part of the year. Subscription fees for the premium service would range from $1 to $5 every month. YouTube is also reportedly considering a pay-per-view model where users will pay access for the videos they want to watch. This gives marketers, businesses, and individuals another option to earn from their video content; currently, the only way to earn money from the website is through the Google Adsense program.

Though this would mark a new change for YouTube, the website was certainly not the first to toy around with a paid model. Other social media sites, most notably Facebook, have started offering premium and priority features to their users. These kind of services usually involves assigning a higher priority to paid posts or giving developers a platform for micro-transactions.

YouTube has already launched a video rental program in the past, but the service is limited and did not made a huge impact on the website’s sharing dynamics.