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Your Logo In Search Results? Google Says I at I/O

Google Play Music, an emotional Larry Page and a no show for Google Glass – so went the keynote for the kickoff of Google’s I/O Developer conference, a yearly event where Google execs tout their new products, community initiatives and shout at Microsoft.

The incredible (or incredibly long as judged by the reaction of the twittersphere) presentation introduced a raft of new tech, innovations and bells and whistles for existing products including:

  • Google Play Music All Access
  • Google Now
  • Google+ with a fresh coat of paint – more on this later
  • Shiny Google Maps!


The tech giant has also generally used the event as a platform to launch lesser heralded, but no less important, updates and innovations in their core product – Search. The past couple of weeks have seen a number of suspected updates (here warning: Tin Foil Hat and Google Haterz Alert) including changes to the core search algorithm and local updates; but buried in the Googleblast was a much anticipated development: Organisation Markup.

Organisation Markup follows the path of Authorhip Markup by allowing a small picture of your business into the search results. As the below example shows, by allowing user to link their posts to their Google+ profile, author pictures now show up alongside published posts by that author:

The advantages? Apart from the obvious branding benefits and instant gratification, some studies have claimed to see click through rate increases by in incorporating the images into their results.

There’s no absolute guarantee these images will appear, and they will likely only appear for brand searches, but by implementing a simple piece of markup called schema, you can indicate to the Google robot that your company logo should appear in your search snippets.

Now back to that Google+ note. If I was a sceptic (I work in Search so that’s a given), I would say that the coinciding of this announcement alongside the fresh coat of paint for the business directory/social network looks like another big push to try and get people onto the platform. There’s been long storied debate about the value of the platform and the worth of having a business presence, but we say: the platform has its issues, but if you can afford the resource, you should certainly consider implementing the markup on a test basis at least.

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