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Top 5 things to know about Facebook’s New Look News Feed

Facebook has just updated their news feed design with the aim of making the page less cluttered. The new look of Facebook’s news feed will make it look  more consistent across different platforms such as Android and iOS. This update also introduces topic-specific alternatives to its news feed.

Facebook have also just provided their guide to their New Look News Feed. Download the guide, learn more about the changes from Facebook or read the their top 5 things to know below:

1. There will be no immediate impact on performance
This redesign will only roll out to a very small percentage of web users in the next few weeks, which means that the overall performance of your organic and paid media should be unaffected. We will assess the impact this redesign has on various performance metrics, including performance of Page posts and paid media, before we decide to roll this out further. As for mobile, the changes will roll out by the end of March.

2. News Feed algorithm is not changing
This redesign is purely focused on changing how the home page looks. The selection and order of stories in News Feed will stay the same as it is today, and the “Following” feed will show all stories from the Pages and people that users are following.

3. The assets required for your Page posts and ads are not changing
The assets you are currently using for Page posts, ads and sponsored stories will still be eligible to appear in the redesigned home page. We might, however, display them differently. For example, the right-hand column is now wider, even though the size of the images we show there hasn’t changed. We may also change how Page posts or ads render based on the size of the assets you provide: for example, if the photo in your Page post is at least 425x157px, we may display it in a large format (552px width) in News Feed, and in a smaller format (526px width) otherwise.

4. Some Photo Page posts may have the caption appear on top of the image
When people and Pages post photos, we will try to display the caption on top of the image. We will only do so when we think the caption will be legible, when the image does not already contain text, and when the image is of sufficient size (at least 425x157px).

5. Page Like Stories will now display the cover photo of your Page
We want to make all stories in News Feed feel as visual and engaging as possible. For Page Like stories (both organic and paid), we will now display the Page’s cover photo to provide more context about the Page, and to encourage more users to like it as well.