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The Smartphone and Social Media Marriage

At Match we believe that if you are thinking social media, you have to think mobile first.

Recent studies by Google have shown that Australia ranks second, globally, for smartphone use. According to the 2013 Yellow Social Media Report, the number of Australians who use social media on their phones has increased from 53% to 67% in the past year alone.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority have described smartphones as becoming fastest growing and the most commonly owned device in Australia. It is currently the most popular device for every Australian under the age of 50.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to take from these recent studies is the developing, and arguably unbreakable, relationship in Australia between social media and our smartphones. Social media apps are used by 69% of users to engage with their social media networks, now only 19% use the actual website and 12% use both. Many of us will openly admit that mobile apps help us to not only get through the day, but through every inch of our lives. We have an app for everything, from staying in shape, directing ourselves with GPS, to cooking, shopping, even picking the right partner!

Social media user habits help to give us more insight into the users we are trying to target. The number of Australians logging onto social networks from home is 96% with the lounge being the most popular room to browse their social networks. Whilst both genders are equally likely to access social media in the bedroom, men are twice as likely to access social media whilst in the toilet and women are more likely to check social sites when they first wake up.

A recent study by Google revealed that 69% of smartphone users also watch TV whilst active on their device, social media sites are unsurprisingly the most popular place to be whilst multi-screening. In fact, two in five Australians use their smartphone while watching television and over 4 in 10 people access social networks during their favorite shows. For many it gives them the opportunity to participate in discussions of the same show within the social space and increases their overall enjoyment.

So, with global smartphone penetration expected grow to 50% by 2017 (eMarketer) and social networking becoming inextricably linked to every aspect of our modern day lives, it is becoming increasingly important to think mobile first when planning any social media brand strategy. With an intelligently crafted social media strategy that invests in this relationship now, the potential to become a brand that is successfully rooted within it is phenomenal.

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