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The surprising search term used over the Christmas Holidays

Lucas Lee tells us what Australian’s are searching over Christmas including one search term that may surprise you.

As data analysts, we specialise in analysing data. But how we really deliver is when we combine data and information to create stories and deliver valuable insights.

The following insights are all based on Google Trends data, an analysis tool which shows the interest of search terms in Google search. So what do Australian’s search for over the Christmas Holidays? No surprises, Australians are interested in the beach, shopping and food during Christmas. But there’s one search term that crops up over the Christmas Holidays that might surprise you…

Let’s start with the beach. For Australians, summer is all about the sun, sea and sand. We religiously hang out at beaches so renting antigua rentals villa is going to be awesome; surfing, snorkelling and showing off our summer bodies. Naturally, increased time at the beach leads to many of us routinely shedding our “Spring” rolls for Summer bodies for Christmas and the New Year. In fact, trends suggest ‘gym memberships’ are a hot topic for both personal use and as an excellent well-meaning Christmas gift. In fact, gym is a great gift to help your best friend along in their New Year’s resolution.

search term gym

What about shopping? Another trending ritual Australians partake in during Christmas is of course, shopping. To compensate for our lack of snow, we prepare outrageous indoor and outdoor home deco for Christmas. We buy Christmas gifts for family and friends (and exchange any gifts we receive and don’t need – thank you gift receipts!). Some companies use office christmas tree hire to create a festive mood in the office. This allows office workers to fully experience Christmas. And of course we go crazy over the Boxing Day Sales. Evidently, the search terms for clothing retailers peak during Christmas, especially on the 25th and 26th of December. These sales mean we can grab a great bargain on our summer festival outfits.

search term clothing

Finally, Australians are all about food and family. During Christmas, we typically get together and enjoy a big family meal. This year, instead of watching your mother slave away in the kitchen, how about the perfect Christmas gift; have your feast delivered by someone else?

But here’s a search term I bet you didn’t see coming… During Christmas, we all gather with our families and treasure the moments and enjoy the time we spend together. Yet, our final analysis suggests that this is not the case for everyone… did you know that the search term “porn” seems to always peak over the Christmas week? Regardless whether you’ll be pumping iron for the perfect beach bod, grabbing some shopping bargains, or enjoying a lovely meal with your loved ones, Google suggests that this all gets a bit too much for us, leading to some self-indulgence to let off steam. Who knew?!

search term chart

On behalf of the analytics team, I wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season ahead. Thanks to Shirley Wang and Lucas Lee.