As of January 9th, 2017 Match Media is now Blue 449


Recently, News Australia Sales hosted a competition to see which Australian Media Agency could best display the true power of their people through both images and statements.

At Match we thought long and hard on what was the best possible way we could demonstrate our unmatched people power. After several strategic brainstorms we felt that we wanted to encompass News Australia’s belief that core numbers add up to form and develop such valuable resources. We decided to portray these numbers through a narrative format, the narrative spoke of Match’s tale of experience, knowledge, clients and award wins.

Once we had our story down pact we needed to create images that best displayed our true people power. We decided that a simple agency group shot was not enough, so in the end we decided to get each member of staff to lay down on the ground, linking together to form the words PEOPLE2 = MATCH. The whole team got on board and it proved to be an extremely compelling image. We then surrounded this central image with photos of the team acting out the key themes discussed in the narrative. These included a picture of the team holding university certificates, client logos and industry awards, all of these were accompanied with News Limited Mastheads.