As of January 9th, 2017 Match Media is now Blue 449

Match Media Beefs Up with Three Senior Hires

Exciting times lay ahead for Match with the recruitment of three senior staff across Search, Social & Strategy.

Richard Chataway joins the company as strategy director and was previously director of  behaviour change strategy at UM.  Previously director, behaviour change strategy at UM, Richard has extensive public and private sector experience, with a track record of using communications to deliver successful behaviour change outcomes.

Rachida Murray is Match Media’s new Search Director and joins from Ikon where she spent the last 2 years as Search Account Director. A self-confessed search and digital addict, Murray is looking to push the boundaries and try new things.

Tim Newman joins Match as Social Director as a a highly qualified social media specialist and digital marketer with proven agency and client side experience including time with Telstra New Zealand.  He established and promoted social media best practice at all levels of Telstra Clear and worked with channel marketers, publicity and other departments to implement strategies.


James Simmons, Director at Match in B&T:

“We are constantly on the lookout for top talent and these three definitely fit that bill.  They are incredibly talented and experienced practitioners, all with deep areas of expertise and we are excited about what they can bring to our clients.  These hires have come off the back of both strong new business but also extending our remit and services across current clients”.