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Match at Google’s Engage Summit 2013

One unexceptional Monday afternoon in August, I received a call from Sophie at Google, delivering some very exciting news. “You guys have made it through to Google All Stars, well done!” It took me at least 2 minutes to realise that meant an all-expenses paid trip to Googleplex in San Francisco. For the gamers out there, my eventual reaction can be summarised in the following acronym – “GTFO”.

Four weeks went extremely quickly and all of a sudden I was on a flight half way across the world. Arriving in the US extremely jet lagged and feeling rather dazed and confused, it sunk in that I had arrived in the magnificent San Francisco. For anyone who has visited Googleplex, it feels significantly less like a head office and more like a surreal fantasy land for tech geeks. Aside from gawking at all the crazy artifacts (a space shuttle, dinosaur bones, Quidditch pitch, to name a few…), I was fortunate to be able to take part in advanced seminars, focus groups and industry-first updates. Of all the presentations, I was most impressed with “Contagious: Why Ideas Go Viral” by Prof. Jonah Berger. Using witty anecdotes and inspiring examples, he demonstrated how WOM extends further than social media and that crafting it transcends technology, stressing the need to understand the psychology behind why we share information with others. I highly recommend watching the Google Hangout if you have a spare hour:

The entire experience was amplified by the group of talented, like-minded agency attendees that I had the pleasure of meeting. It’s not every day that 14 Aussie AdWords specialists can meet and get our geek on.

Although we earned our way to All Stars through hard work and dedication to our specialty, I’ll always be grateful to the team at Google for the trip of a lifetime! And to that point, I’ll always be grateful to Match and the search team for allowing me to represent them… I owe you one!