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Match Analytics

The Analytics Team

The setup of Match’s Analytics team is unrivalled among media agencies in Australia. The Match Analytics team sits at the centre of the agency having crossover with all other areas including: paid search and social; display and programmatic; and SEO. Being a smaller size than the other mega agencies means that Match is naturally more integrated across teams anyway.

With years of experience managing past Google Analytics Premium implementations, complicated Tag management, Adobe Analytics implementation and the development of tailored and proprietary analytics solutions such as TV Response Modelling – Match’s Analytics staff are experts in the field.

Our approach is to ‘deliver work that works’ and we will pragmatically work with you to find solutions to the issues you as a client face, cutting through any red tape and unnecessary fees.

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Services Offered:

Analytics Audit and Implementation
Match has extensive experience auditing and implementing recommendations across a variety of analytics platforms including Google Analytics and Adobe. We will deliver a forensic review of your setup that will leave no stone unturned and prove to be an extremely valuable resource for your organisation.
Analytics Strategy
Match can assist your organisation to develop an analytics strategy including a roadmap and ongoing implementation.
Attribution Modelling
Attribution is obviously a complex thing to measure. The Match Analytics team have developed cutting edge models that take into account the major complexities that affect where credit should be assigned on a user’s journey to conversion.
Campaign Optimisation
Match can deploy a campaign optimisation process that occurs on many levels, beginning with creatives (conversion rate), placements (positioning), individual sites (conversion rate) & campaign (e.g. day or week and hour).
Tag Management
We can help you plan, deploy and manage ongoing your tagging setup. We primarily work with GTM but can also work with other platforms such as DTM and Tealium. Examples of use cases include engagement tags, social shares, video plays, user ids etc.
Dashboards & Reporting
We have expert knowledge in developing amazing, insightful dashboards and streamlining multiple data sources and processes. The team carries out client reporting across the whole agency. Tableau is our main tool of choice, but we also present across google sheets and other platforms.
Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation (Google Analytics)
We will work with your staff to deploy the most up to date implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics. This will allow you to take advantage of the awesome new functionality included in these reports – including checkout funnels, remarketing and internal promotions.
Web Testing and CRO
We can develop comprehensive hypothesis for your websites and implement tests to maximise your conversions. Our preferred partners are AB Tasty and Optimizely and our experienced staff can have tests up and running with minimal fuss in no time.
Our expert staff will work with you to develop tailored training agendas that can be delivered in your offices or onsite here at Match. We have multiple years’ experience delivering training sessions across a variety of platforms – with especially strong experience in GA and GTM.
Advanced Analytics
Our team can come up with innovative solutions to your biggest questions. Examples include marginal seat mapping for the upcoming election, viewable v non-viewable attribution modelling for display, predictive analytics, network analysis etc.


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