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Long May “The Hipster” Reign

Mark Ryan, Client Planner at Match, tells us why being classified as hipster isn’t a bad thing in our industry…

In the Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook Report, PWC stated that the media industry is full of young inner city dwellers who are identifying themselves as the modern day hipster. Such an over-saturation of the same type of people is argued to have a notable impact on media agency life and the work that agencies are producing.

I myself, a self-confessed inner city dwelling young professional male (with a poor attempt at a beard) don’t believe that to be “same same” is bad. Our agency life and culture is built on a fun, can-do attitude and it reflects in our work and the way we represent ourselves in the industry. If I roll my jeans up and flash my colourful patterned socks does that classify me as a narrow minded hipster who thinks and works the same as all my peers?

It is diversity that binds us together and makes us unique. While we are all young at heart, our agency is where our true personalities and quirks can come to life. After all, there are so many different backgrounds and professions within our industry. Psychologists, lawyers and bankers were the past life for some of those I know that now work in advertising but it is the hipster-nature that unites us. What other career challenges you to wear the hat of so many personalities and to have extensive insights and knowledge of the different ways people think and act.

Being classified as “hipster” isn’t such a bad thing. Apart for having an appreciation for good quality coffee, we bring fresh new ideas and approaches to our work. We are motivated to do the “new” and to develop campaigns and ideas that challenge the norm.

So with that I say, long may the hipster reign. Yes I work in Surry Hills and own vintage clothing but that doesn’t change the way I operate and produce work. There’s no other industry I would rather work in and there’s no other people I would rather spend my days with. Diversity is here and it’s what makes our world so great.

This blog was brought to you by Mark Ryan, Client Planner in the Misfits at Match Media.