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Google’s Mobile Playbook

Google have just launched a new website, which I feel you’ll be interested in – The Mobile Playbook.

In their interactive guide, they pose 5 crucial questions all businesses should be asking in order to win with mobile:

  • How does mobile change our value proposition?
  • How does mobile impact our digital destinations?
  • Is our organisation adapting to mobile?
  • How should our marketing adapt to mobile?
  • How can we connect with our tablet audience?

The site has been built entirely in HTML5, especially for tablet viewing and has been optimised for both desktop and smartphone use.

It’s full of local and global best practices and Australian mobile stats.

We hope that their strategy guide will help you have productive conversations with your in-house teams and ultimately help you adapt to the mobile consumer who is waiting to engage with you.

At Match we’re looking forward to discussing your mobile strategy further in the new year!

What are your mobile plans for 2013?