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How to build a Facebook and Instagram media plan

What we learnt from a day at Facebook HQ at Blueprint Live training

A group of Matchlings were lucky enough to attend Facebook’s latest training session, ‘Blueprint Live’ – a more advanced interactive and in-person training session designed to educate and train agencies and partners to elevate both their Facebook and Instagram strategic marketing skills.

Upon arrival at Facebook, the room had been split out with six desks – each with a different hypothetical client brief requiring a Facebook strategy to be put together using the information that we were going to be provided with on the day. We quickly assembled into our teams of around 5-6 before grabbing a bite to eat and settling in.

With a full day of information to get through, we kicked the day off with an overview of Facebook and an agenda for the day based on our brief response:

  1. Define key business challenges and KPIs from a complex brief
  2. Utilise sight, sound, and motion to bring ads to life
  3. Optimise ad formats and creative to deliver performance
  4. Use Facebook’s people-based targeting and insights data
  5. Execute and analyse campaign performance through bidding and measurement solutions

For the first hour of the day we learned the basics and went through the different objectives, ad units, buys, targeting and more. But as the day progressed, we got into more interesting topics as we went a little deeper and discussed custom audiences, best practices and key optimisations – providing us with a couple of quick wins that we can apply to our campaigns.

After we had gone through each section in detail, we were then given the chance to take our learning’s and apply them to our client strategy in order to build our approach. We felt as though this was a great task as we were able to take the campaign from its small beginnings and be involved in every stage of the process, ultimately allowing us to build out the entire campaign from scratch.

At the end of the session, each team was then required to present their strategy and essentially sell in their approach to the judges (or a handful of senior employees at Facebook). This was interesting, as we were able to see how each team had approached their brief and applied their learnings – as they ranged so broadly from a luxury travel app to a local cafe, a new tech company and even a fashion company pushing matching family attire!

After each team was given the chance to present their strategy, the judges then provided us with their feedback and had the tough decision of choosing a winner on the day. The winner was decided on which team had the most innovative strategy, focusing and designed to deliver against client’s business objectives. As it turned out, it proved to be a very successful day for Match, with two of our teams taking the cake and tying for first place.

Overall, it was a great day and we would recommend this course to anyone who is looking at further progressing their Facebook skills, no matter how long they have been in the industry for or what area of marketing they work in. For anyone interested in further developing their skills, feel free to take part in some of Facebook’s free online eLearning modules here.

This blog post was brought to you by Blake Silvers, Performance Executive at Match Media.