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Ensure mobile marketing is on your agenda

If you’ve been Christmas shopping on your mobile you’ve likely encountered issues facing many consumers trying to access non mobile optimised sites. More often than not these sites are slow and clunky making the mobile brand experience poor and ultimately leading to consumers giving up and trying elsewhere.

Despite the fact that the year of mobile has been coming for many years, brands are still not ready. One indication that mobile is getting serious is brand investment in mobile advertising, which has moved from the test budgets of 2011 into more serious investments in 2012. However mobile still accounted for only 7% of global digital spend at the beginning 2012, therefore 2013 is set to see much stronger investment in the mobile space.

The latest Sensis eBusiness report show only 14% of businesses with a website have an optimised mobile site. The report also shows the number of Australians accessing the Internet on their phone has more than doubled from 26% to 58% in the past three years. Along with Google reporting that mobile search is becoming more popular than desktop search these stats make a compelling argument for brands and marketers to seriously consider their presence in this space.

A few things that will be important for the mobile industry in 2013:

Integration – Marketers will need to invest in a mobile strategy and a fully integrated approach that considers all platforms for their 2013 communications plan. More media will become screen-based and mobile consumption will continue to increase across multiple types of devices. The rapid switch over to 4G networks will make it possible to introduce more engaging rich media ad units.

Measurement & Tracking – This will continue to be a challenge in 2013, with a lot of mobile activity currently app based which isn’t trackable by cookies. Standard measurement benchmarks will appear in 2013 making mobile campaigns far more measurable and therefore more attractive to advertisers.

Standardisation – 2013 should see a move towards a standardised approach to mobile advertising making it easier for advertisers and brands to understand what’s on offer. This is also true for industry technology and jargon that is currently highly fragmented and confusing.

Next year will be interesting for the mobile space as brands play catch up with the speed at which this industry is changing. If you haven’t been considering your mobile approach, 2013 is the year to start.