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Did Someone say Funny?

Well, they did it! After days, no sorry, weeks of script writing, joke sharing, and hiding in the toilets to practice in front of the mirror, our very own Garth Moring and Hugh Cashmore stood up for Cancer Council NSW’s Mate vs. Mate!

Match Media and friends piled into a local comedy club earlier this week to support them. What we thought would be a very light-hearted affair actually turned out to be a very professional open mic night. We could all see Hugh and Garth quiver in their seats as they watched some fantastic comics stand-up and have the whole room in stitches, some even received awkward heckles.

After a nail-biting wait for their slot….right at the end of the night! They got up on stage and did themselves proud having us all laughing until the end! Not a heckle in sight! They were so great in fact, that we weren’t sure if they would turn up for their day job in the morning!

I managed to grab a quick follow-up with the guys after their gig to give you a snapshot of their experience first-hand:
“Easily the most nerve racking experience of my life… At one stage I tested the back window to see if I could slip out early but as it was for a good cause (and fear of workplace ridicule) I managed to just scrape through” Garth Moring
‘’Can definitely tick stand-up comedy routine off my bucket list. It was definitely a daunting experience standing on stage in front of friends as well as strangers trying to make them laugh. The fact that we were doing it to raise money for cancer research made it a bit easier though as well as the fact that Garth was standing up there with me. Definitely an experience we will both never forget…’’ Hugh Cashmore
Not only did they have fun, Garth and Hugh also raised an impressive $873.00 for Cancer Council NSW. The campaign is centered around raising awareness – a whopping 1 in 2 Men will be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime. Good on you lads – you did us all proud!