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Mates Stand Up to Fight Cancer

After assisting the Cancer Council of NSW launch their Mate V Mate campaign in February 2013, whereby two blokes can challenge each other to any type of contest.

The winner isn’t important but the idea of the challenge is, the challenges are there to bring awareness to the fact that 1 in 2 men will experience cancer in their lives.

Both Garth and myself decided to put our hands up to compete and after a few stray suggestions, it was decided that a unique type of challenge would be needed.

A challenge that would embody fear, fun and controversy. After long deliberation it was decided that the ultimate challenge that summed up these characteristics would be a live stand-up comedy performance.

The reality has finally kicked in and the fact that we will be performing on stage very soon is actually quite daunting…

It’s for a great cause, so no matter how harsh the hecklers are, it will be good to know that both Garth and myself are doing our bit to raise awareness of cancer amongst Men.


In the meantime please get the ball rolling with donations on our personalised website.