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Becoming Brand Obsessed.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to become a little obsessed with your client’s products?

Especially when you start out in media, you tend to have a sense of pride on behalf for your client’s brand. We spend all day trying to convince other people to buy our client’s products that eventually we fall prey to this same messaging.

I hadn’t even eaten fast food since high school and when I started working at Match, I was whisked onto the Nando’s account. Well at least it wasn’t KFC or Maccas. It was afro-portugese they told me. Exotic.

Then started the brain-washing……..marinated for 24 hours…….never use hormones in their chicken…….whatever sauce I wanted. Eventually I was convinced to try it. PERi-Tasty!

Then as I realised that the work we were doing was influencing sales, I would feel a sense of pride walking past a Nando’s restaurant and seeing it full.  Proud that people like and enjoy the brand! And don’t people love it …….obsessed……Beyoncé, Rihanna, One Direction all tweet about how they love this chicken.

Eventually no other fast food chain existed in my world. Everywhere I went, I would see only Nando’s. I ventured to Melbourne, and walking around, Nando’s was all I seemed to see, other brands recede to the background as there was the quirky Nando’s sign on what felt like every corner.

Then you see the ads you start to book, there they are on TV, online and at the cinema. Quality ads in quality shows and seeing them made me smile.

Then we were asked to appear in a photo shoot for their website. I’d made it! (and they fed us endless Nando’s for free……during work hours……..I was being paid to eat Nando’s!!)


The only issue we had was that we were eating the food far too quickly for the photographer, who kept begging us to “wait…..I’m not ready”.

The moment I found myself side-stepping excited children to jump in behind Kochie on Sunrise with the clients sign “the only thing hotter than Nando’s PERi-PERi is Katy Perry!” I knew I had become more than a customer…….

Nandos - Sunrise Katy Perry - 1

I was a self-appointed ambassador. Just to get a bit of free airtime on TV for Nando’s. The lengths we go to. This is when I realised my love had moved to a brand obsession.