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How to become a Matchling

Diana Nixon tells us how to become a Matchling and let’s us in on what the media world is really like for a newbie.

As this is my first job out of uni, I am fairly new to the media and social media world and I use for entertainment, celebrity, makeup and other things online. I had no idea what to expect on my intro to Matchling life… But I’ve just passed probation and I’m starting think that maybe media DOES agree with me and I’m in it for the long haul!

My first day at Match involved a lot of introductions, meetings to learn about the crazy media landscape and emailing publishers to set up introductions with them and their company.

I was told that there would be PLENTY of coffee dates and sometimes even lunches that they might pay for, which was a little exciting for a newbie in media. But for some reason at the start I still found myself sitting on my hands trying to not offer to pay, just out of politeness! Lesson quickly learned!

As the weeks went by I started to understand more about Match and the role I was in, which got me thinking; university did not prepare me for this. Throughout my double degree I took a major of Marketing and Advertising and still cannot see where I’ve utilised a skill from my course except for being able to put together an OK powerpoint presentation. Maybe if they gave us advanced excel training or told us what the hell programmatic is I would be more prepared!

Despite this I am very lucky to be working at Match as I’ve had excellent training and have learnt so much already! Now I can confidently talk to my friends about my job and tell them how awesome Match is. Although they are happy for me, it seems the only thing they listened to is that they can now put a name to the people who serve ad after ad to them online or have put non-skippable ads up on Youtube!

I’ve only been at Match for 3 months and so far I’ve developed skills I didn’t even know I had and have met people who are pretty funky! What a time to become a Matchling! #itsamatchthing

This blog post was brought to you by Diana Nixon, Client Executive from the Marvels at Match Media.